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Best Lunch Near Me

Find the Best Lunch Near Me

With so many places to eat in Little Italy, it can be hard to decide on the "best cafe near me." When it comes to dining, we believe that everyone has their own unique preferences. Even professional food critics and lifelong chefs will differ greatly in where they want to eat. As an authentic Italian cafe, our goal isn't to get featured in every dining magazine, but to provide a humble selection of delicious foods made with care. Our soups and appetizers include minestrone, classic butternut squash, and macaroni salad. If you're looking for something filling and healthy, we recommend our sauteed tofu and beans served with multicolor quinoa. And if you're in the mood for chicken, you'll be delighted with either of our two specialties. The first is our butter chicken, tender and flavorful, served with sweet potato and basmati rice. The second is our traditional chicken parmesan, made with the freshest parmesan cheese and our in-house linguini. No matter what you order, you'll experience the quality and authenticity that only Tas Cafe can offer.

Great food isn't all we have to offer. As a cafe and lounge, we welcome you to just grab a coffee and relax. Our cozy atmosphere and scenic views of Little Italy make the perfect backdrop to morning routines, creative projects, an afternoon with friends, or a romantic outing. We love getting to know our customers and becoming a staple in their lives. If nothing more, we take pride in simply being a place where you can feel at home during good times and bad.

Dreaming of the "best lunch near me" but don't feel up to leaving your home? You're in luck because we deliver throughout Little Italy and the surrounding areas. Just give us a call and we'll bring you your favorite appetizers and entrees.

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